Warner Bros. International Television Production France, one of the largest TV production companies in France


WBITVP France was formed in 2016 and quickly became a unique player in the French audiovisual landscape. It has produced programs for all French broadcasters, including France Télévisions, M6 group, TF1 group, Altice, Canal+ group, and Amazon Prime. The company produces existing, internationally acclaimed Warner Bros. and third-party formats whilst also developing new local content and formats.

The WBITVP France team has produced many successful programs, including Affaire Conclue, Les Mamans, True Story, Super Nanny, Jouons à la Maison, Les Reines de la Route, Enchères Mécaniques, L'Atelier, La Course des Champions, and Little Big Stars.

In 2020, WBITVP France produced more than 500 hours of programming for the French broadcasters, with its daily show Affaire Conclue becoming cult and breaking audience records every week.

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